About me

Hello to all those Perimenopausal or Menopausal women who have stumbled upon my blog!

Welcome to my ponderings which may often seem like ramblings depending on my perimenopausal mood!

I am (currently) a forty -eight year old English Rose living near Sydney, NSW, Australia.

I am also a recent Graduate (Bachelor of Arts)Double Major in Behavioral Psychology / Criminal Justice with a Minor in Creative Writing . The plan once finished hasn`t exactly come to fruition which has found me here. https://mybestbreastforward.wordpress.com/2018/05/02/becoming-invisible/

Please join me in pondering all things perimenopausal  and beyond and make this a time in our lives that is talked about and shared.

Here`s a little snippet in to why I have chosen to talk about the perimenopause.


PP xx