Hello Sweaty Betty !!

My first night sweat was a somewhat memorable occurrence in that it wasn’t what I expected at all and that it had me laying there wide-eyed realising I was probably entering the ‘menopause”. I dismissed that the next morning and put it down to a high temperature (nothing like a night sweat but convinced myself anyway!) but who was I kidding really?? That was about 4 years ago, and I was 44. The perimenopause was just a “fad” then and so unfamiliar and I was far too young for the menopause wasn`t I?!Oh how much there was to learn and how much wiser I am now !This perimenopause stage and all its symptoms “having a party” had and was going to be around long before I hit menopause!

So, I am going to discuss sweating! Which I know sounds revolting but these night sweats are in a league of their own! And after all, we talk about periods as teens and some of us childbirth (which ends up discussing every orifice we have), so why not night sweats? Lets give them a hard time! They bloody well deserve it 😉,

When I hear the word “sweating “or say the word “sweating”, I think of my Nana. (and not in a Sweaty Betty way I should add). She was so English and really did make it her mission to make sure I spoke correctly. So, when I would exclaim, ” I am SWEATING!” She would correct me and say, “Now dear, you know what we say, horses sweat, men perspire and women glow “. Nana! You left out the part about the night sweats in our forties and fifties!!In all seriousness though, I would love the chance to ask her about her journey through the perimenopause to the menopause which would have been in the 1960s. I wonder how it was for her? If we are only really beginning to talk about it now, what was it like then?? I won’t get on a feminist rant …yet 😉

So, these night sweats! Where on earth does it all come from?? I anticipated a sweaty brow or sweaty armpits (nothing there!), but no! My whole face is like one big puddle and my décolletage (bit between boobs and above) is like a slow running waterfall! It isn’t like sweat at all, its like water swooshing about. Everywhere around there! So far, the rest of my body has been spared this but gosh, the boobs and above are drenched!

Another thing I have noticed is that now, aged 48 (and probably a good few years off the actual menopause, so they may increase in number) is that they are not consistent. Some nights I have a few then can go a while with none. Maybe it`s an individual thing?

And there is a difference between summer and winter night sweats. Who would have thought? Here in Australia the nights can be so hot so it isn`t such a drastic change in the body and I am hot anyway and prone to hopping in the shower to freshen up even at 3am. This could be because it is 1000% humidity for the 30th night in a row! In winter, I would never consider jumping into a shower but the night sweats(here is the gross part, but I did say it would be warts and all) can occur without me waking up and then the sweat which has then turned cold leaves me freezing so I snuggle up and then another night sweat pounces , which I do notice, and I am suffocating in horrible damp sheets! The change in the body is so dramatic. I mean you wake up in a cold room just flabbergasted that you can be in such a pool of sweat.

So what`s the reason we have night sweats ? I found this simple explanation 🙂


Oh and finally, one last gripe to you night sweats, what do you have to say about what you do to my hair by morning ??!!

28 thoughts on “Hello Sweaty Betty !!

  1. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    I was actually amazed how much I could think to talk about night sweats once I got going! But I shall move on now 🙂 Thank you for liking the analysis. Hope you have a nice day too xx

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  2. Fiery K. says:

    “Falling oestrogen levels during menopause play havoc with the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls the body’s temperature. It is thought that somehow the hypothalamus is confused by the low levels of oestrogen and that the body is overheating. The result is that the usual defences to overheating come into play culminating in excessive sweating and reddening of the skin in an effort to cool the body down.”

    this sounds similar to the pituitary being confused as to the overies’ non action and so over compensating! Makes sense!

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  3. Fiery K. says:

    Reblogged this on The Spinsta Life and commented:
    So many great things out there by you guys, I don’t even have to write a thing sometimes lol! This is an awesome post on Night Sweats. Which thankfully I have not experienced yet! But I am in the last few years of my peri (because it’s not supposed to go much longer than 10 years, right??????? – before the transition is complete?) – and since my body temp has risen and my hot flashes are becoming more aggressive, and my period is MIA for two cycles now, I am assuming this may not be far in my future.

    I am so glad she warned me! I had NO IDEA! This is how bad it gets! Thank you Perimenopausal Ponderings for describing as bluntly as you needed to!!!!!

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  4. Fiery K. says:

    ohh but your hair at least will make it look like you had great sex all night long!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!

    I shared this to Spinsat, thank you for describing this so perfectly so that the rest of us are forewarned! I had no idea!


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  5. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    Maybe there is ?? We should look into this. Although I drink lots of water through the night when I am like this but that then makes me need to pee and then I am awake in “me time” and the cycle goes on and on !! Last night was a shocker “sweaty betty”. Am going to start a log to see if a pattern is going on 🔍🔍

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  6. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    Well I figured I may as well go at it full on !! It is definitely different to a hot flash / flush. I don’t seem to be getting many of those so it just goes to show what an individual thing it is and how some of us sail through it but for others it is a nightmare. I must get some links up from BBC 4 Womans Hour Menopause week. It was what really got me “pondering” in the first place !

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  7. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    😂😂 on the hair!! I think some women are really lucky in that they get an empathetic doctor but many don’t. I remember asking one when I would know I was in the menopause ( I was going to say peri but not all are familiar!) and he said ” oh you”ll know alright with all the hot flushes ” I thought that was a crap answer as there are so many other symptoms as we know and not all women get hot flushes. Lets get more info out there I say 😊😊


  8. Fiery K. says:

    I told mine I was in it. And she was just like oh ok. and that was the end of the convo. Doctors lately on any subject are less than useless. No offense to any good doctors out there, I do know that you are hamstrung with insurance nazis now. : (

    But really. After repeated examples – I just research stuff on my own anymore. Or ask my pharmacist. Who genuinely IS helpful! SHE should be getting a doctor’s pay!

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  9. Fiery K. says:

    ohh what’s that??? that sounds awesome! I’ll have to see if amazon carries any of it???

    the hotflashes – i wonder if all your hot flashes save themselves up to go to town on you at night lmao

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  10. Fiery K. says:

    but i’ve been co sleeping with one child or another for the past 14 years so I’m already at least used to waking up in cold wet sheets – so if I start getting the sweats at least I’ll be halfway prepared. But what you described sounds WAYYYYYYYY worse than that even!

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  11. Fiery K. says:

    That’s a good idea. wonder if it’s a hormone level thing ? or diet – oh! I did read … crap what was it… something in the coffee bean provokes … hot flashes… not sure if it would relate to night sweats too? And I had read that peppermint tea is supposed to help with hot flashes..so maybe it would help with sweats? I’ll have to look in my books and see if I can find anything for night sweats for you….

    just remind me tomorrow so I don’t forget! lol!

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  12. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    You forgot 😉 Says me who has only just properly logged on this week yesterday and today. A busy week here interfering with my blogging!!

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  13. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    I completely agree, a good pharmacist is worth their weight in gold and some how not only have recommendations but are willing to listen.

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  14. Perimenopause Ponderings says:

    It`s been a strange week here with crazy hot temps that has had us thrown out of whack ie heading to the pool or beach 😉


  15. itsacrazycatladything says:

    Yes, I would be very interested to know how my Nana coped with the change? she always looked well put together, calm and normal……..everything I’m not! What was her secret I wonder?

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  16. Perimenopause Ponderings says:

    Mine was too, even down to her brooch on her coat. I don’t think they talked about it much and even though the taboo is still around now, bet it was terrible then. She would have been 60 when I was born so hopefully was out the otherside!! Think I have a way to go yet 😉

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  17. Cozynookbks says:

    I woke up one night a few years back and thought someone snuck in my bedroom and poured a bucket of water in the bed!! That’s how bad it was. It actually scared me. I had to get up and put a towel under me until morning. What a nightmare. I went through horrible night sweats for a somewhat brief period in my late 40’s. They seem to have dramatically lessened. But now I get tremors, brain blips and cold flashes. 🤦🏽‍♀️ My mom said she never had any of those.

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  18. Perimenopause Ponderings says:

    I have certainly heard of them being that bad from stories my Mum told me about her friends. Mine are not getting any worse at the moment and seem to have disappearred for the moment ( hope not a jinx there !! ). It’s all so much to deal with isnt it. A time of life that should be for enjoyment and no stress. Hormones running riot put paid to that 😦

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  19. Cozynookbks says:

    Thankfully mine seem to have calmed down considerably for the moment too, but I expect they will come back when full on menopause starts. And yes, it is so much to deal with. Fluctuating hormones have such a crazy effect on our bodies. 😡

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  20. Perimenopause Ponderings says:

    I was thinking today though, despite everything, I would rather be a woman than a man anyday 😉😊


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