Why Perimenopausal Ponderings

I woke up one Sunday a few weeks ago, after months lost in ideas of what to do with my (mid)life, and announced triumphantly to the family that I was going to start “blogging” !! I spent the day perusing various blogging sites, weighing up the pros and cons and reading the blurb ( aka whether I could master doing it! ) Weeks later the empty blog sat looking pretty as I procrastinated and kept getting on top of things so I was ready to write my blog. Yet still there was nothing. Until today, when I decided to stop procrastinating and bloody well write! And do you know what? It feels good. Sometimes you just have to write as they say and no matter what comes out , you are doing it!

So why did I want to start blogging ? Well, to save my sanity (and that of my nearest and dearest) as I do like to talk, rather a lot I am told ! Am I mad, I sometimes wonder having all these conversations with myself or the dog or the wall ? But the reality is, my life isn`t how I expected it to be in my late forties.  Unexpectedly , I have  become a long term stay at home mum, who loves to be with people, who loves a chat (god help the postie, the assistant in the supermarket or anyone I meet on my daily rounds as they are getting a chat whether they want one or not !) and the nest is beginning to empty. I miss ME ! Being someone other than a mother, a wife, a daughter (which I adore and do with gusto ) but having the identity I had when I worked and the connection I had with others. So why not create my own little identity and journal along the way and connect with others in a similar situation.

So why Perimenopausal Me ? I am proudly perimenopausal and shall have fun blogging about those experiences (although I am not sure fun is the correct word to describe me at 2 am in a lather of sweat!) and find the best ways to deal with them. I strongly believe that the perimenopause and menopause needs to be talked about more, it is not a time in life to be ashamed of.  The stigma needs to go and knowledge about it grow. I think of phrases like “Is it hot in here or is it me?” I am guilty of that one ! When I want to shout “I am having a hot flush everyone!!” With an English Rose complexion , it is blindingly obvious might I add that I am having one and it isn`t hot at all….anywhere!

So I have finally bloody done it ! Does that mean I can call myself a “Blogger”? Perhaps not quite yet but lets hope I procrastinate no more and have fun along the way letting all those perimenopausal ponderings, tumble out from my chatty head onto the page so I can make sense of them all with some help. Lets face it I, I am not alone !

Until Then

PP xx





9 thoughts on “Why Perimenopausal Ponderings

  1. Perimenopause Ponderings says:

    I completely agree and something I am a big supporter of. The internet is proving a fantastic opportunity for me as I havent been able to find work recently so having an outlet from home is great and also new to me. It’s easy to feel invisible as women in the past seemed to be but I don’t intend to to spend the next few decades doing that at all. Time for new things. New beginnings.Thank you for taking the time to comment and As you say we need to celebrate this time 😊😊


  2. Perimenopause Ponderings says:

    Thank you for your comment and follow. It seems we are in good company here with my followers comments and that definitely makes me feel better. It can be a lonely feeling ..I am loving reading other womens similar experiences too. We can all help eachother through or just haveva jolly good rant 😉😊

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