Hello 2 am !!

In my early forties, I began to wake in the night for the first time. Often for a few hours. At first it was attributed to stress or worry but none of that was really a factor in my life. My partner was astonished ! Here was a woman who never moved let alone woke up in all the years they had been together, yet suddenly here she was, switching on lights, flushing loos, getting drinks of water and even standing in the shower in the middle of the night ! So why was it happening?

It was about that time that the term “perimenopause” was beginning to emerge. Some seemed to think it was a bit of a “fad” but I found myself taking note and researching some symptoms. I mean , how can we just launch into menopause? There has to be a transition phase right? And there is! The perimenopause, a now familiar term where symptoms are having a party !

Why sleep deprivation is so common seems to be a grey area. It could be worry or anxiety when those thoughts in the middle of the night seem gargantuan, yet simmer down a little by morning. It could be night sweats waking us up or needing the loo and an inability to get back to sleep. Or it could be a viscous cycle of sleeplessness leading to worry and anxiety and so the pattern repeats.

So what can we do to help this intrusion into our slumber? I have read up on this so many times and can really only find the usual suspects. You know, herbal tea, a cool quiet room (hmm, might be but not once a hot flush strikes, even in Antartica!), regular sleep routine, no stimulants, no alcohol, no caffeine, and so on. There is nothing ground breaking out there so I would love to know of any tips and tricks if you have them.

Here is mine. I used to stress and try so hard to sleep, tossing, turning, humphing around but now see it as me time. No one wants me, no one is calling , I am resting and it`s dark and quiet. I also started a little meditation of my own. I lie on my back, pop my hands on my chest (crossed) flop my feet to the sides and breathe in through my nose for five and out through my mouth for five. After about ten minutes, I get a “floaty feeling” , pop myself into my favourite sleeping position and drift off. If it doesn`t work, I try again.

Now after a few years instead of causing me instant angst, 2am wake ups cause me to sigh with relief as I know I have a while til morning. It`s a 4am one that fills me with dread! If I do get back to sleep, I shall be in the deepest slumber when the alarm goes off. Insomnia is so far my most hated part of the perimenopause as a good nights sleep is irreplaceable and something I really miss.


19 thoughts on “Hello 2 am !!

  1. syncwithdeep says:

    Wow.. Absolutely defined the menopause. Will be sharing this post with your permission. Informative ! A is for Acceptance and B is for Beautiful . I am writing on women themed at 40. Do have your say on my posts too. Thanks and have a nice day πŸ™‚

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  2. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    It`s like an internal annoying alarm that just won`t go away isn`t it ? I just try not to fight it now and enjoy the peace and quiet .

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  3. VioletBlue Grey says:

    I did read in my one book “Menopause with Science and Soul” that the sleeplessness is related to the fact that your pituitary gland is responsible for signalling your ovaries that it’s time to ovulate. And that’s the same gland that regulates sleep.

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  4. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    One symptom has enough and sits down for a rest all partied out , then another or two get their part started πŸ˜‰ Just one big party ! LOL !

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  5. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    That is really interesting and not anything I came across. It does make sense and maybe worth noting the days the waking up is worse as it isn`t every night. I just think it has stopped and then bam! Hello 2am again. Maybe at times my pituitary is in action and I don`t realise . Thanks πŸ™‚

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  6. Perimenopausalponderings says:

    Thank you. Glad you liked it. Bit of a newbie blogger and still learning but have been fascinated by peri for ages so why not connect with others out there and keep sane (hopefully!) at the same time !


  7. BrambleRose says:

    yeah it said your pituitary will knock itself out trying to get the ovaries into action. I want to say – hormone levels mess with circadian rhythms too? But I may not be remembering that right…

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  8. Perimenopause Ponderings says:

    I think I should try that. My mind gets quite creative in the middle of the night ! Especially a good idea now I have my spare room haven. Won’t be disturbing anyone.

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